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Clone the master phpBB3 repository.

git clone git://


  • master: Mainline for releases
  • develop: Development branch for the next feature release
  • develop-olympus: Development branch of named release


Developers should fork a copy of the repository on GitHub from [1] and then clone as instructed by GitHub.


  • E-mail address:
    git config --add
  • Add the upstream remote (you can change 'upstream' to whatever you like):
    git remote add upstream git://

Work flows

Pulling in upstream changes

You will need to merge in changes made to the upstream repository for them to appear in your fork, the steps to do this follow. I'm assuming you are performing this on the develop branch, but it could be a bug fix branch or a develop release branch, so ensure you are on the correct branch using git branch and change with git checkout if required.

  1. Pull the changes from the upstream develop branch:
    git pull upstream develop
  2. Push the changes back to your fork (substitute develop for the current branch):
    git push origin develop

Bug fixing

Ensure you are using the correct develop branch first and not a master branch.

  1. git branch bug/12345 # Create a new branch for your bug fix
  2. git checkout bug/12345 # Switch to the new branch
  3. Make your changes
  4. git add <files> # Stage the files
  5. git commit -m "Message" # Commit staged files
  6. git push origin bug/12345 # Push the branch back to github[/list]