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== Cloning ==
== Cloning ==
Clone the master phpBB3 repository.
<pre>git clone git://</pre>
<pre>git clone git://</pre>

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Clone the master phpBB3 repository.

git clone git://


  • master: Mainline for releases
  • develop: Development branch for the next feature release
  • develop-olympus: Development branch of named release


Developers should fork a copy of the repository on GitHub from [1] and then clone as instructed by GitHub.


  • E-mail address:
    git config --add

Work flows

Bug fixing

Ensure you are using the correct develop branch first and not a master branch.

  1. git branch bug/12345 # Create a new branch for your bug fix
  2. git checkout bug/12345 # Switch to the new branch
  3. Make your changes
  4. git add <files> # Stage the files
  5. git commit -m "Message" # Commit staged files
  6. git push origin bug/12345 # Push the branch back to github[/list]