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phpBB contains a set of functions to make it very easy to have links use AJAX. This means doing requests in JavaScript without reloading the whole page.

Supported elements

By default following elements can be ajaxified:

  • Links (<a>)
  • Forms (<form>)

Simple usage

To do so, simply add a data-ajax="true" attribute to the element. Here's an example:

<a href="/link.php?id=4" data-ajax="true">link</a>

This will make an AJAX call when the user clicks the link, instead of opening that page in the current browser tab.

Optionally you can add the data-refresh="true" attribute, which will refresh the page after the action is complete. While this can be useful, you should try to use ajax events whenever possible.

Ajax events

In most cases you will want to do something after the action is complete. You can do this by setting the data-ajax attribute to the event name you want to use. This will be a combination of your MOD name and the action that is happening.

<a href="/link.php?id=4" data-ajax="mymod.link_remove">link</a>

This will allow you to bind to your custom ajax event by adding a callback:

    phpbb.add_ajax_callback('mymod.link_remove', function() {

Once the AJAX response comes back, the callback is executed. Inside the function that is used "this" refers to the Node where you applied data-ajax="mymod.link_remove" which is in this case the link. To use the jQuery's functions you need to wrap the Node again like it appears in the example ($(this)).

Accessing the response

If you need to, you can access the response in your callback. The response body gets passed as the single argument to your callback. So you could do something like this:

    phpbb.add_ajax_callback('mymod.link_remove', function(response) {

This would dump the entire response into a div.

However it is recommended to return a JSON response. This means that you can send any data to the browser. It can be an associative array that you can then access from JavaScript. An example of handling a JSON response is this:

    phpbb.add_ajax_callback('mymod.link_remove', function(data) {

This will take the NEW_TEXT variable from the response and set the text of the element to that value.

On the server side you need to check if the current request is an AJAX request. If it is, you should return JSON instead of a rendered page. You can send any data you need on the client. Here is an example:

    if ($request->is_ajax())
        $new_text = $user->lang($activated ? 'ACTIVATE' : 'DEACTIVATE');
        $data = array('NEW_TEXT' => $new_text);
    // render normal response here

The server will send a response like this:

{"NEW_TEXT": "Deactivate"}

The AJAX function will take care of decoding this into a JavaScript object, so you can use it directly.


  • Forms
  • Error handling
  • Advanced usage (calling ajaxify manually)