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Highway of Life
I am known throughout the phpBB world as Highway of Life,

My main occupation is Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Beta Tester.
I have always loved Open-Source software, and been involved in many development projects.
When I stumbled across phpBB3 a few years ago, I fell in love, right away I started planning MODs and Styles for the new version of phpBB. Once I realized I needed an online testing platform for some friends to test some of the MODs, and also to assist in Beta Testing for phpBB3 (before Beta1), we created the website Star Trek Guide, for the purpose of developing a Star Trek based community with phpBB as the main power behind the website.
But since phpBB3 was not released, we used it as a place to test everything... but it soon became apparent that MOD Developers needed a place to associate with eachother... over time, STG became that place, and so... STG is the most unassuming name for an unofficial MOD Database, and MOD Development for phpBB3.
It is also the home of the Olympus STG Group, who work on developing scripts for upgrades for heavily MODed phpBB2 boards.

I have written numerous tips, tricks and tutorials for phpBB3 MOD Developers that I will be adding to the wiki soon.
I'll also be working on expanding knowledge of the Permission system, which is by far, one of the most difficult aspects of phpBB3 to get a understanding grip on.

Feel free to leave me a message on my talk page.
See you around!
- Highway of life


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