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Hello there

I`ve been using phpBB for a few years and I juet recently started to use more then just the pre-installed version und started modding and also writing a few codelines myself... Now I have managed to understand the pricipales of the php-code and the MySQL database, but still there is an extreem complexity, so it will take some time, beofre I can write my first Mod whith its own APC-Module... At the moment I administrate 2 live forums and got a few testing areas... My coding experiences in html and php are low, but I know java and LaTeX and some other programming languages und that really helps a lot. Atm I use N++ as an editor and it helps a lot, if you know something better (e.g. with sytax-help not only brackets finding and highlight of syntax), that may be a great help.


--Blablubbb 15:38, 30 May 2009 (UTC)