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Topic-Post Approval

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Topics/Posts when created may require approval by a moderator.


Can Post Without Approval

Whether the post requires approval depends on the result of the poster's Can post without approval permissions. The resultant permission is derived from the value of the accumulated user assigned permission and the permission assigned to the groups of which the poster is a member. The Can post without approval permission is a forum based permission, so a user may require post approval in one or more fora but not others.

Can Approve Posts

This permission is in the moderator permission category meaning that, by default, an administrator cannot approve posts. The Can approve posts permission can be assigned globally, so the holder can approve posts in any forum, or as a forum based permission, limiting the moderator to only approving posts in that forum.

Visibility of Unapproved Post/Topic

  1. Not visible to user
  2. Not visible to administrator
  3. Visible to moderator (possessing the Can approve posts permission for the forum in which the post was made)

Posting on Unapproved Topic


User can't see the topic unless approved. Therefore, cannot edit the post once it is submitted until it is approved.

Further Posts

No Further posts can be made on an unapproved topic unless the topic starting post is approved, hence approving the topic.

Posting on Approved Topic

Any post by a user without the Can post without approval permission needs to be approved by a moderator before appearing to all users in a topic.

Deleting Post from a Topic

Multiple Posts

If deleting a post leaves no approved posts, the topic should become unapproved and should not be visible to users.

Single Post

Deleting the single post will delete the post as well as the topic itself.

Marking Topics as Read

Approved Posts

All approved posts are marked read.

Unapproved Posts

Unapproved posts remain unchanged i.e whenever approved they will be unread.