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List of all tables in olympus (as of B4). ATM only phpbb_topics has been documented partly, all other tables only contain the field and key list.

Get the script used to create these pages:

name content
phpbb_acl_groups roles and/or individual permissions assigned to groups
phpbb_acl_options defines which permissions are available
phpbb_acl_roles Permission roles (Standard Moderator, Simple Moderator etc.)
phpbb_acl_roles_data This table stores which permissions each role contains
phpbb_acl_users roles and/or individual permissions assigned to users
phpbb_attachments Informations on attachments (Post, physical filename, original filename, MIME type...)
phpbb_banlist Banned users/IPs/emails...
phpbb_bbcodes Custom BBCodes
phpbb_bookmarks Bookmarked topics
phpbb_bots Spiders/Robots
phpbb_config Contains configuration informations ($config table)
phpbb_confirm tbd
phpbb_disallow disallowed usernames
phpbb_drafts Drafts of future posts/private messages
phpbb_extension_groups Extensions Groups (associate extensions with a file type - Images, text...)
phpbb_extensions Extensions (.xxx) allowed for attachments
phpbb_forums Forums (Name, description, rules...)
phpbb_forums_access tbd
phpbb_forums_track unread post information is stored here
phpbb_forums_watch subscribed forums
phpbb_groups Usergroups
phpbb_icons Post icons
phpbb_lang installed languages
phpbb_log Administration/Moderation/Error logs
phpbb_moderator_cache who is moderator in which forum (for display on forum index)
phpbb_modules configuration of acp, mcp and ucp modules
phpbb_poll_options Options text of all votes ("Yes", "No", "Maybe"...)
phpbb_poll_votes Users which have voted to a poll
phpbb_posts All topics posts
phpbb_privmsgs All private messages text
phpbb_privmsgs_folder Custom privates messages folders (for each user)
phpbb_privmsgs_rules Messages rules, e.g. "if the username of the sender is ..., move the message to this folder".
phpbb_privmsgs_to Some informations (sender, new, replied...) on private messages.
phpbb_profile_fields Custom rofile fields (name, min/max number of characters, allowed characters...)
phpbb_profile_fields_data Data that users enter in custom profile fields)
phpbb_profile_fields_lang tbd (empty on my forum with some custom profile fields)
phpbb_profile_lang Localized name and description of custom profile fields (presented to users)
phpbb_ranks Ranks (Name, image, minimal # of posts)
phpbb_reports Reported posts
phpbb_reports_reasons reasons for post reports and disapprovals
phpbb_search_results Last searches
phpbb_search_wordlist Indexed words (for search)
phpbb_search_wordmatch Associate a post with indexed words
phpbb_sessions Sessions (to identify users browsing the forum)
phpbb_sessions_keys autologin feature
phpbb_sitelist whats this?
phpbb_smilies Smilies (text => image)
phpbb_styles style = template + theme + imageset
phpbb_styles_imageset tbd
phpbb_styles_template tbd
phpbb_styles_template_data tbd
phpbb_styles_theme theme = css file
phpbb_topics Topics in forums
phpbb_topics_posted who posted to which topic (used for the small dots in viewforum)
phpbb_topics_track unread post information is stored here
phpbb_topics_watch "notify me upon replies"
phpbb_user_group Users groups
phpbb_users Registered users
phpbb_warnings Warnings given to users
phpbb_words censored words
phpbb_zebra friends and foes