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column type (MySQL) content default
user_id mediumint(8) unsigned Primary key auto_increment
user_type tinyint(2) Defines what type the user is. 0 is normal user, 1 is inactive and needs to activate their account through an activation link sent in an email, 2 is a pre-defined type to ignore user (i.e. bot), 3 is Founder. 0
group_id mediumint(8) unsigned The user's default group.

references phpbb_groups.group_id

user_permissions mediumtext A cached copy of the user's computed permissions.  
user_perm_from mediumint(8) unsigned The id of the user whose permissions are being tested.

references phpbb_users.user_id

user_ip varchar(40) The IP of the user on registration, dotted QUAD style (ie:  
user_regdate int(11) unsigned User's registration date/time, UNIX timestamp 0
username varchar(255) the username as it is shown all over the board  
username_clean varchar(255) The all lower-case normalized version of the username for comparisons.  
user_password varchar(40) The hashed version of the user's password.  
user_passchg int(11) unsigned Unix timestamp indicating when the user's password was last changed. 0
user_pass_convert tinyint(1) unsigned Flag indicating whether or not the user's password needs to be converted to the phpBB3 hashing. Used when converting from phpBB2. 0
user_email varchar(100) User's email address  
user_email_hash bigint(20) A hash of the user's email address. 0
user_birthday varchar(10) The user's birthday, in the form of dd-mm-yyyy.  
user_lastvisit int(11) unsigned User's last visit time, UNIX timestamp. 0
user_lastmark int(11) unsigned The last time the user clicked "Mark forums read" 0
user_lastpost_time int(11) unsigned The time of the latest post of the user, UNIX timestamp 0
user_lastpage varchar(200) The last page visited by the user.  
user_last_confirm_key varchar(10) Code used for security reasons by confirmation windows  
user_last_search int(11) unsigned Unix timestamp, the last time the user performed a search. Used for search flood time limits. 0
user_warnings tinyint(4) The number of warnings the user has. 0
user_last_warning int(11) unsigned Unix timestamp, the last time the user was warned. 0
user_login_attempts tinyint(4) The number of times a login to this account has failed. This is reset to zero upon successful login. 0
user_inactive_reason tinyint(2) Reason for being inactive 0
user_inactive_time int(11) unsigned Unix timestamp, when the user's account became inactive. 0
user_posts mediumint(8) unsigned Amount of posts the user has posted 0
user_lang varchar(30) The user's selected board language  
user_timezone decimal(5,2) The user's timezone offset from UTC. 0.00
user_dst tinyint(1) unsigned Is the user on Daylight Savings Time 0
user_dateformat varchar(30) The user's desired date format d M Y H:i
user_style tinyint(4) Style the user uses to browse the board.

references phpbb_styles.style_id

user_rank mediumint(8) unsigned User's rank.

references phpbb_ranks.rank_id

user_colour varchar(6) User's colour, hex code.  
user_new_privmsg tinyint(4) The number of new private messages that the user has. 0
user_unread_privmsg tinyint(4) The number of unread private messages that the user has. 0
user_last_privmsg int(11) unsigned Unix timestamp, the last time the user sent a private message. Used for flood checking. 0
user_message_rules tinyint(1) unsigned Flag indicating whether or not the user has custom rules for private messages. 0
user_full_folder int(11) The action to take when a user's private message folder is full. -3
user_emailtime int(11) unsigned Unix timestamp, the time the user last sent an email. Used for flood checking. 0
user_topic_show_days smallint(4) unsigned The maximum age of a topic that should be shown. 0
user_topic_sortby_type char(1) Topic sort order. a is Author, r is Replies, t is Post Time, s is Subject, v is Views t
user_topic_sortby_dir char(1) Topic sort direction. a is ascending, d is descending d
user_post_show_days smallint(4) unsigned Preferences for reading 0
user_post_sortby_type char(1) Post sort order. a is Author, s is subject, t is Post Time t
user_post_sortby_dir char(1) Post sort direction. a is ascending, d is descending a
user_notify tinyint(1) unsigned Flag indicating whether the user should be notified upon replies to a topic by default or not. 0
user_notify_pm tinyint(1) unsigned Flag indicating if the user should be notified upon the arrival of new private messages. 1
user_notify_type tinyint(4) How the user should be notified for the above events: email, IM, or both 0
user_allow_pm tinyint(1) unsigned Flag indicating whether the user wants to receive private messages from other users or not. 1
user_allow_viewonline tinyint(1) unsigned Flag indicating if the user should be visible or hidden. 1
user_allow_viewemail tinyint(1) unsigned Flag indicating if the user can be contacted via email through the board's email form. 1
user_allow_massemail tinyint(1) unsigned Flag indicating if the user wishes to receive mass emails. 1
user_options int(11) unsigned A bitfield containing the options for: showing images in posts, showing flash in posts, showing similies in posts, showing signatures, showing avatars, enable word censoring, attach signature by default, enable bbcodes by default, enable smilies by default, show a popup for new private messages, enable bbcode in signature, enable smilies in signature, automatically parse links in signature 230271
user_avatar varchar(255) Avatar's file name. URI for remote avatar, file directory and name for gallery avatar, combination of user id and time stamp for uploaded avatar.  
user_avatar_type tinyint(2) The type of avatar the user has: remote, gallery, or uploaded 0
user_avatar_width smallint(4) unsigned Width of the avatar 0
user_avatar_height smallint(4) unsigned Height of the avatar 0
user_sig mediumtext The user's signature  
user_sig_bbcode_uid varchar(5) The bbcode uid used in the user's signature.  
user_sig_bbcode_bitfield varchar(255) The bbcode, smiley, and url settings used when saving the user's signature.  
user_from varchar(100) User's location field value  
user_icq varchar(15) User's ICQ field value  
user_aim varchar(255) User's AIM field value  
user_yim varchar(255) User's YIM field value  
user_msnm varchar(255) User's MSN field value  
user_jabber varchar(255) User's Jabber field value  
user_website varchar(200) User's website field value  
user_occ text User's occupation field value  
user_interests text User's interests field value  
user_actkey varchar(32) The key required to activate the user's account.  
user_newpasswd varchar(32) A randomly generated password for when the user has forgotten their password.  


name fields
PRIMARY user_id
user_birthday user_birthday
user_email_hash user_email_hash
user_type user_type
username_clean username_clean