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| user_lastmark
| user_lastmark
| int(11) unsigned
| int(11) unsigned
| tbd
| the last time the user clicked "Mark forums read"
| 0
| 0
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== Keys ==
== Keys ==

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column type (MySQL) content default
user_id mediumint(8) unsigned primary key auto_increment
user_type tinyint(2) tbd 0
group_id mediumint(8) unsigned tbd 3
user_permissions mediumtext tbd  
user_perm_from mediumint(8) unsigned tbd 0
user_ip varchar(40) tbd  
user_regdate int(11) unsigned tbd 0
username varchar(255) tbd  
username_clean varchar(255) tbd  
user_password varchar(40) tbd  
user_passchg int(11) unsigned tbd 0
user_pass_convert tinyint(1) unsigned tbd 0
user_email varchar(100) tbd  
user_email_hash bigint(20) tbd 0
user_birthday varchar(10) tbd  
user_lastvisit int(11) unsigned tbd 0
user_lastmark int(11) unsigned the last time the user clicked "Mark forums read" 0
user_lastpost_time int(11) unsigned tbd 0
user_lastpage varchar(200) tbd  
user_last_confirm_key varchar(10) tbd  
user_last_search int(11) unsigned tbd 0
user_warnings tinyint(4) tbd 0
user_last_warning int(11) unsigned tbd 0
user_login_attempts tinyint(4) tbd 0
user_inactive_reason tinyint(2) tbd 0
user_inactive_time int(11) unsigned tbd 0
user_posts mediumint(8) unsigned tbd 0
user_lang varchar(30) tbd  
user_timezone decimal(5,2) tbd 0.00
user_dst tinyint(1) unsigned tbd 0
user_dateformat varchar(30) tbd d M Y H:i
user_style tinyint(4) tbd 0
user_rank mediumint(8) unsigned tbd 0
user_colour varchar(6) tbd  
user_new_privmsg tinyint(4) tbd 0
user_unread_privmsg tinyint(4) tbd 0
user_last_privmsg int(11) unsigned tbd 0
user_message_rules tinyint(1) unsigned tbd 0
user_full_folder int(11) tbd -3
user_emailtime int(11) unsigned tbd 0
user_topic_show_days smallint(4) unsigned tbd 0
user_topic_sortby_type char(1) tbd t
user_topic_sortby_dir char(1) tbd d
user_post_show_days smallint(4) unsigned tbd 0
user_post_sortby_type char(1) tbd t
user_post_sortby_dir char(1) tbd a
user_notify tinyint(1) unsigned tbd 0
user_notify_pm tinyint(1) unsigned tbd 1
user_notify_type tinyint(4) tbd 0
user_allow_pm tinyint(1) unsigned tbd 1
user_allow_viewonline tinyint(1) unsigned tbd 1
user_allow_viewemail tinyint(1) unsigned tbd 1
user_allow_massemail tinyint(1) unsigned tbd 1
user_options int(11) unsigned tbd 893
user_avatar varchar(255) tbd  
user_avatar_type tinyint(2) tbd 0
user_avatar_width smallint(4) unsigned tbd 0
user_avatar_height smallint(4) unsigned tbd 0
user_sig mediumtext tbd  
user_sig_bbcode_uid varchar(5) tbd  
user_sig_bbcode_bitfield varchar(255) tbd  
user_from varchar(100) tbd  
user_icq varchar(15) tbd  
user_aim varchar(255) tbd  
user_yim varchar(255) tbd  
user_msnm varchar(255) tbd  
user_jabber varchar(255) tbd  
user_website varchar(200) tbd  
user_occ text tbd  
user_interests text tbd  
user_actkey varchar(32) tbd  
user_newpasswd varchar(32) tbd  


name fields
PRIMARY user_id
user_birthday user_birthday
user_email_hash user_email_hash
user_type user_type
username_clean username_clean