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column type (MySQL) content default
msg_id mediumint(8) unsigned primary key auto_increment
root_level mediumint(8) unsigned the initial message in this message chain (i.e. if you write messages A -> B (reply to A) -> C (reply to B), then B and C will have root_level=msg_id of A 0
author_id mediumint(8) unsigned

references phpbb_users.user_id

icon_id mediumint(8) unsigned

references phpbb_icons.icons_id

author_ip varchar(40) ip address of sender  
message_time int(11) unsigned unix timestamp 0
enable_bbcode tinyint(1) unsigned bbcode enabled? 1/0 1
enable_smilies tinyint(1) unsigned smilies enabled? 1/0 1
enable_magic_url tinyint(1) unsigned automatically convert urls to links? 1/0 1
enable_sig tinyint(1) unsigned attach signature? 1/0 1
message_subject varchar(100) subject  
message_text mediumtext the message itself  
message_edit_reason varchar(255) reason for editing  
message_edit_user mediumint(8) unsigned who edited this message 0
message_attachment tinyint(1) unsigned does the message have files attached? 1/0 0
bbcode_bitfield varchar(255) see Parsing text  
bbcode_uid varchar(5) see Parsing text  
message_edit_time int(11) unsigned tbd 0
message_edit_count smallint(4) unsigned tbd 0
to_address text colon separated list of recipients, e.g. u_1:u_23:g_5  
bcc_address text see to_address  


name fields
PRIMARY msg_id
author_ip author_ip
message_time message_time
author_id author_id
root_level root_level