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column type (MySQL) content default
forum_id mediumint(8) unsigned primary key auto_increment
parent_id mediumint(8) unsigned tbd 0
left_id mediumint(8) unsigned tbd 0
right_id mediumint(8) unsigned tbd 0
forum_parents mediumtext Holds an serialized array of parent forums name, id

and type, used for generating forum navigation.

forum_name varchar(255) tbd  
forum_desc text tbd  
forum_desc_bitfield varchar(255) see Parsing text  
forum_desc_options int(11) unsigned see Parsing text 7
forum_desc_uid varchar(5) see Parsing text  
forum_link varchar(255) tbd  
forum_password varchar(40) tbd  
forum_style tinyint(4) tbd 0
forum_image varchar(255) tbd  
forum_rules text tbd  
forum_rules_link varchar(255) tbd  
forum_rules_bitfield varchar(255) see Parsing text  
forum_rules_options int(11) unsigned see Parsing text 7
forum_rules_uid varchar(5) see Parsing text  
forum_topics_per_page tinyint(4) tbd 0
forum_type tinyint(4) tbd 0
forum_status tinyint(4) tbd 0
forum_posts mediumint(8) unsigned tbd 0
forum_topics mediumint(8) unsigned tbd 0
forum_topics_real mediumint(8) unsigned tbd 0
forum_last_post_id mediumint(8) unsigned tbd 0
forum_last_poster_id mediumint(8) unsigned tbd 0
forum_last_post_subject varchar(100) tbd  
forum_last_post_time int(11) unsigned tbd 0
forum_last_poster_name varchar(255) tbd  
forum_last_poster_colour varchar(6) tbd  
forum_flags tinyint(4) tbd 32
display_on_index tinyint(1) unsigned tbd 1
enable_indexing tinyint(1) unsigned tbd 1
enable_icons tinyint(1) unsigned tbd 1
enable_prune tinyint(1) unsigned tbd 0
prune_next int(11) unsigned tbd 0
prune_days tinyint(4) tbd 0
prune_viewed tinyint(4) tbd 0
prune_freq tinyint(4) tbd 0


name fields
PRIMARY forum_id
left_right_id left_id
forum_lastpost_id forum_last_post_id