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This table contains phpBB3 configuration values and settings.


column type (MySQL) content default
config_name varchar(255) primary key  
config_value varchar(255) Value of config  
is_dynamic tinyint(1) unsigned Is dynamic? 0


name fields
PRIMARY config_name
is_dynamic is_dynamic


name type description
active_sessions bool (0/1) tbd
allow_attachments bool (0/1) Are attachments allowed
allow_autologin bool (0/1) Is autologin allowed
allow_avatar_local bool (0/1) Are avatars allowed from the gallery
allow_avatar_remote bool (0/1) Are avatars allowed to be hotlinked from other sites
allow_avatar_upload bool (0/1) Are avatars allowed to be uploaded to the server
allow_bbcode bool (0/1) Are BBcodes allowed
allow_bookmarks bool (0/1) Are bookmarks allowed
allow_emailreuse bool (0/1) Are reusing emails allowed
allow_forum_notify bool (0/1) tbd
allow_mass_pm bool (0/1) tbd
allow_name_chars integer tbd
allow_namechange bool (0/1) Are username changes allowed
allow_nocensors bool (0/1) Are users allowed to disable the word censor
allow_pm_attach bool (0/1) Are attachments with PMs allowed
allow_post_links bool (0/1) Are posting links allowed
allow_privmsg bool (0/1) Are PMs allowed
allow_sig bool (0/1) Are sigs allowed
allow_sig_bbcode bool (0/1) Are BBCodes in sigs allowed
allow_sig_flash bool (0/1) tbd
allow_sig_img bool (0/1) Are images in sigs allowed
allow_sig_links bool (0/1) Are links in sigs allowed
allow_sig_pm bool (0/1) tbd
allow_sig_smilies bool (0/1) Are smilies in sigs allowed
allow_smilies bool (0/1) Are smilies allowed to be used
allow_topic_notify bool (0/1) Are topic notifications allowed
attachment_quota integer tbd
auth_bbcode_pm bool (0/1) tbd
auth_flash_pm bool (0/1) tbd
auth_img_pm bool (0/1) tbd
auth_method integer tbd
auth_smilies_pm bool (0/1) tbd
avatar_filesize integer Maximum avatar filesize
avatar_gallery_path integer Path to avatar gallery
avatar_max_height integer The maximum height of an uploaded avatar
avatar_max_width integer The maximum width of an uploaded avatar
avatar_min_height integer The minimum height of an uploaded avatar
avatar_min_width integer The minimum width of an uploaded avatar
avatar_path integer tbd
board_contact integer The email shown when a general error shows up
board_disable bool (0/1) Is the board disabled
board_disable_msg integer tbd
board_dst bool (0/1) Is the board, by default, on Daylight Savings Time
board_email integer tbd
board_email_form bool (0/1) tbd
board_email_sig integer tbd
board_hide_emails bool (0/1) tbd
board_startdate integer tbd
board_timezone bool (0/1) tbd
browser_check bool (0/1) tbd
bump_interval integer tbd
bump_type integer tbd
cache_gc integer tbd
cache_last_gc integer tbd
captcha_gd bool (0/1) tbd
captcha_gd_noise bool (0/1) tbd
check_dnsbl bool (0/1) tbd
chg_passforce bool (0/1) tbd
cookie_domain integer Domain of cookie
cookie_name integer Name of cookie
cookie_path integer Path of cookie
cookie_secure bool (0/1) Is cookie SSL (https)
coppa_enable bool (0/1) Is COPPA enabled
coppa_fax integer tbd
coppa_mail integer tbd
database_gc integer tbd
database_last_gc integer tbd
default_dateformat integer tbd
default_lang integer tbd
default_style bool (0/1) tbd
display_last_edited bool (0/1) tbd
display_order bool (0/1) tbd
edit_time bool (0/1) tbd
email_check_mx bool (0/1) tbd
email_enable bool (0/1) tbd
email_function_name integer tbd
email_package_size integer tbd
enable_confirm bool (0/1) tbd
enable_pm_icons bool (0/1) tbd
enable_post_confirm bool (0/1) tbd
flood_interval integer The amount of time a user must wait to make a new post
force_server_vars bool (0/1) tbd
forward_pm bool (0/1) tbd
full_folder_action integer tbd
fulltext_mysql_max_word_len integer tbd
fulltext_mysql_min_word_len integer tbd
fulltext_native_load_upd bool (0/1) tbd
fulltext_native_max_chars integer tbd
fulltext_native_min_chars integer tbd
gzip_compress bool (0/1) tbd
hot_threshold integer tbd
icons_path integer tbd
img_create_thumbnail bool (0/1) tbd
img_display_inlined bool (0/1) tbd
img_imagick integer tbd
img_link_height bool (0/1) tbd
img_link_width bool (0/1) tbd
img_max_height bool (0/1) tbd
img_max_thumb_width integer tbd
img_max_width bool (0/1) tbd
img_min_thumb_filesize integer tbd
ip_check integer tbd
jab_enable bool (0/1) tbd
jab_host integer tbd
jab_package_size integer tbd
jab_password integer tbd
jab_port integer tbd
jab_resource integer tbd
jab_username integer tbd
last_queue_run integer tbd
ldap_base_dn integer tbd
ldap_email integer tbd
ldap_server integer tbd
ldap_uid integer tbd
limit_load bool (0/1) tbd
limit_search_load bool (0/1) tbd
load_anon_lastread bool (0/1) tbd
load_birthdays bool (0/1) tbd
load_cpf_memberlist bool (0/1) tbd
load_cpf_viewprofile bool (0/1) tbd
load_cpf_viewtopic bool (0/1) tbd
load_db_lastread bool (0/1) tbd
load_db_track bool (0/1) tbd
load_jumpbox bool (0/1) tbd
load_moderators bool (0/1) tbd
load_online bool (0/1) Display online user information on index, forum and topic pages.
load_online_guests bool (0/1) Allow display of guest user information in viewonline.
load_online_time integer Number of minutes after which inactive users will not appear in “Who is online” listings. The higher this value the greater is the processing required to generate the listing.
load_onlinetrack bool (0/1) Display online information for user in profiles and topic pages.
load_search bool (0/1) tbd
load_tplcompile bool (0/1) tbd
load_user_activity bool (0/1) tbd
max_attachments integer tbd
max_attachments_pm bool (0/1) tbd
max_autologin_time bool (0/1) tbd
max_filesize integer The maximum size of a file that can be uploaded to the board
max_filesize_pm integer tbd
max_login_attempts integer tbd
max_name_chars integer tbd
max_pass_chars integer The maximum amount of characters that a password can contain
max_poll_options integer tbd
max_post_chars bool (0/1) tbd
max_post_font_size bool (0/1) tbd
max_post_img_height bool (0/1) tbd
max_post_img_width bool (0/1) tbd
max_post_smilies bool (0/1) tbd
max_post_urls bool (0/1) tbd
max_quote_depth integer tbd
max_reg_attempts integer tbd
max_sig_chars integer tbd
max_sig_font_size integer tbd
max_sig_img_height bool (0/1) tbd
max_sig_img_width bool (0/1) tbd
max_sig_smilies bool (0/1) tbd
max_sig_urls integer tbd
min_name_chars integer tbd
min_pass_chars integer tbd
min_search_author_chars integer tbd
newest_user_id integer tbd
newest_username integer tbd
num_files integer tbd
num_posts integer tbd
num_topics integer tbd
num_users integer tbd
override_user_style bool (0/1) tbd
pass_complex integer tbd
pm_edit_time bool (0/1) tbd
pm_max_boxes integer tbd
pm_max_msgs integer tbd
posts_per_page integer tbd
print_pm bool (0/1) tbd
queue_interval integer tbd
rand_seed integer tbd
rand_seed_last_update integer tbd
ranks_path integer tbd
record_online_date integer tbd
record_online_users integer tbd
require_activation bool (0/1) tbd
search_anonymous_interval bool (0/1) tbd
search_block_size integer tbd
search_gc integer the number of seconds between each indexing runs
search_indexing_state integer tbd
search_interval bool (0/1) tbd
search_last_gc integer tbd
search_store_results integer tbd
search_type integer tbd
secure_allow_deny bool (0/1) tbd
secure_allow_empty_referer bool (0/1) tbd
secure_downloads bool (0/1) tbd
send_encoding bool (0/1) tbd
server_name integer tbd
server_port integer tbd
server_protocol integer tbd
session_gc integer tbd
session_last_gc integer tbd
session_length integer tbd
site_desc integer tbd
sitename integer tbd
smilies_path integer tbd
smtp_auth_method integer tbd
smtp_delivery bool (0/1) tbd
smtp_host integer tbd
smtp_password integer tbd
smtp_port integer tbd
smtp_username integer tbd
topics_per_page integer tbd
tpl_allow_php bool (0/1) tbd
upload_dir_size integer tbd
upload_icons_path integer tbd
upload_path integer tbd
version integer tbd
warnings_expire_days integer The number of days after which a warning will expire
warnings_gc integer tbd
warnings_last_gc integer tbd