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column type (MySQL) content default
attach_id mediumint(8) unsigned primary key auto_increment
post_msg_id mediumint(8) unsigned

references phpbb_posts.post_id

topic_id mediumint(8) unsigned

references phpbb_topics.topic_id

in_message tinyint(1) unsigned 1 if attachment is used inside private message, 0 if used inside post 0
poster_id mediumint(8) unsigned

references phpbb_users.user_id

is_orphan tinyint(1) unsigned 1 if attachment is unused (user left posting.php without submiting post) 1
physical_filename varchar(255) name of the file stored inside the $config['upload_path'] directory  
real_filename varchar(255) name of the file before the user uploaded it  
download_count mediumint(8) unsigned how many times was this attachment downloaded/viewed 0
attach_comment text comment  
extension varchar(100) self explaining  
mimetype varchar(100) mime-type  
filesize int(20) unsigned file size in bytes 0
filetime int(11) unsigned unix timestamp 0
thumbnail tinyint(1) unsigned has this attachment a thumbnail (1/0)? The thumbnails physical filename is prefixed with thumb_ 0


name fields
PRIMARY attach_id
filetime filetime
post_msg_id post_msg_id
topic_id topic_id
poster_id poster_id
is_orphan is_orphan