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Sub-Project Contribution Guidelines

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These guidelines apply to all sub-projects of phpBB. They explain how to interact with the git repos used for these projects.

  • Projects should be hosted on GitHub under the phpBB organization.
  • All work by team members should take place in the main repo.
  • Use of topic branches is very strongly encouraged.
  • Contributors must use topic branches, foreign main branches are never merged.
  • Version tags must be fully lowercase and prepended by a 'v', for example 'v1.0.0-rc1'.
  • Branch names should simply describe the topic and use hyphens, for example 'quick-reply' or 'issue1234'.
  • Commit messages should be in english and reference ticket ids they relate to.
  • Translations should have a branch named 'intl-<lang>', for example 'intl-de'.
  • Projects with many core contributors can use forks.


Team Members?

Members of the phpBB team and thus the phpBB organization on GitHub.


A contributor is a person wishing to contribute code to a phpBB sub-project.

Main branches?

Main branches are such as master or develop.

Topic branches?

Topic branches are small git branches dedicated to a certain topic, such as a bug or a feature. This allows for an isolated environment to work on that topic, conditional merging, easy review by seing only relevant changes and help to keep a general overview over the things being worked on as well as their status.

Why no forks for team members?

Using forks adds a lot of overhead. While they can be beneficial for large projects, they are not worthwhile for small ones.