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Release Highlights/3.2.9

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This page highlights important changes in phpBB 3.2.9


  • Improved fallback on invalid styles data - More fallbacks for when a user has an invalid style configured have been added [1]
  • Extended emoji support - More parts of phpBB now support emojis [2][3][4]

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Improper chunk size calculation during upload - Some conbinations of phpBB and PHP configurations resulted in invalid chunk sizes for plupload [5]
  • Issues with default config files - Resolved multiple issues with sample config files for nginx and sphinx search [6][7][8]

Event changes

PHP Events (Hook Locations)

Identifier Placement Arguments Added in Release Explanation
core.acp_manage_forums_move_content_after includes/acp/acp_forums.php from_id, sync, to_id 3.2.9-RC1 Event when content has been moved from one forum to another
core.generate_smilies_count_sql_before includes/functions_posting.php forum_id, sql_ary 3.2.9-RC1 Modify SQL query that fetches the total number of smilies in window mode
core.generate_smilies_modify_rowset includes/functions_posting.php forum_id, mode, smilies 3.2.9-RC1 Modify smilies before they are assigned to the template
core.move_topics_after includes/functions_admin.php forum_id, forum_ids, topic_ids 3.2.9-RC1 Perform additional actions after topics move
core.move_topics_before includes/functions_admin.php forum_id, topic_ids 3.2.9-RC1 Perform additional actions before topics move
core.ucp_profile_avatar_upload_validation phpbb/avatar/driver/remote.php error, height, url, width 3.2.9-RC1 Event to make custom validation of avatar upload
core.viewtopic_modify_quick_reply_template_vars viewtopic.php topic_data, tpl_ary 3.2.9-RC1 Event after the quick-reply has been setup

Template Events

Identifier Prosilver Placement (If applicable) Added in Release Explanation
ucp_profile_profile_info_birthday_label_append ucp_profile_profile_info.html 3.2.9-RC1 Add more text to birthday label, such as required asterisk

ACP Template Events

Identifier Placement Added in Release Explanation
acp_group_types_append acp_groups.html 3.2.9-RC1 Add additional group type options to group settings (append the list)
acp_group_types_prepend acp_groups.html 3.2.9-RC1 Add additional group type options to group settings (prepend the list)