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This page highlights important changes in phpBB 3.2.6

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Cookies for domains with special chars - Added support for cookies on domains with special characters [1]
  • Support Q&A plugin on MySQL 5.7 - An SQL query in the Q&A plugin failed to execute while using MySQL 5.7 [2]
  • Missing cast for variable in PHP 7.1+ - The maximum execution time was not properly cast to integer on the ACP extensions page [3]

Notable Changes

  • Update dependencies to latest versions - Updated dependencies like Symfony and the TextFormatter to their latest versions [4][5]
  • Deny installations of 3.2 on PHP 7.3 - Due to the dependencies used in phpBB 3.2 and its minimum PHP version 5.4.7, it's currently not possible to run phpBB 3.2 on PHP 7.3 [6]


  • Remove support for backup download - Removed support for downloading database backups via the ACP UI. This is to prevent the possibility of a database compromise on gaining access to a founder account [7]

Event changes