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This page highlights important changes in phpBB 3.2.2

New features

  • Memcached support - phpBB now supports memcached caching [1]


  • Updated dependencies - Updated dependencies to latest versions, e.g. Symfony, Twig

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Password updater working with PostgreSQL - The cron for updating legacy password hashes was running invalid queries on PostgreSQL [2]
  • Deleting orphaned attachments w/ large number of orphaned attachments - Orphaned attachment deletion was improved to be able to delete them when a large number of orphaned attachments exist [3]
  • Multiple bugfixes for retrieving image size - Multiple issues with retrieving the image size of JPEGs & temporary files were resolved [4][5]
  • Issues with updating from phpBB < 3.0.6 - Inconsistencies in the way parent modules were treated caused issues with updating from older phpBB 3.0 versions [6]
  • Forum / topic icon blurriness - Fixed issues with forum and topic icons looking blurry on some browsers [7]

Notable changes

  • Minimum expected PHP version 5.4.7 - Due to changes in our dependencies, the minimum expected PHP version is now PHP 5.4.7. Versions PHP 5.4.0 to 5.4.6 should still work but might cause minor issues
  • PHP 7.2 supported - PHP 7.2 is now officially supported by phpBB 3.2

Event changes

PHP Events (Hook Locations)

Identifier Placement Arguments Added in Release Explanation
core.acp_language_after_delete includes/acp/acp_language.php delete_message, lang_iso 3.2.2-RC1 Run code after language deleted
core.acp_profile_action includes/acp/acp_profile.php action, page_title, tpl_name, u_action 3.2.2-RC1 Event to handle actions on the ACP profile fields page
core.acp_profile_modify_profile_row includes/acp/acp_profile.php field_block, profile_field, row 3.2.2-RC1 Event to modify profile field data before it is assigned to the template
core.acp_users_mode_add includes/acp/acp_users.php error, mode, user_id, user_row 3.2.2-RC1 Additional modes provided by extensions
core.mcp_queue_approve_details_template includes/mcp/mcp_queue.php message, post_data, post_id, post_info, post_url, topic_id, topic_info, topic_url 3.2.2-RC1 Alter post awaiting approval template before it is rendered
core.memberlist_modify_template_vars memberlist.php params, sort_url, template_vars 3.2.2-RC1 Modify memberlist page template vars
core.modify_attachment_data_on_submit includes/message_parser.php attachment_data 3.2.2-RC1 Modify attachment data on submit
core.modify_attachment_data_on_upload includes/message_parser.php attachment_data 3.2.2-RC1 Modify attachment data on upload
core.modify_inline_attachments_template_vars includes/functions_posting.php attachment_data, attachrow_template_vars 3.2.2-RC1 Modify inline attachments template vars
core.phpbb_content_visibility_is_visible phpbb/content_visibility.php data, forum_id, is_visible, mode 3.2.2-RC1 Allow changing the result of calling is_visible
core.phpbb_log_get_topic_auth_sql_after phpbb/log/log.php forum_auth, row 3.2.2-RC1 Allow modifying SQL query after topic data is retrieved (inside loop).
core.posting_modify_post_data posting.php forum_id, mode, post_data, post_id, topic_id 3.2.2-RC1 This event allows you to modify the post data before parsing
core.prune_delete_before includes/functions_admin.php topic_list 3.2.2-RC1 Perform additional actions before topic deletion via pruning
core.prune_forums_settings_confirm includes/acp/acp_prune.php hidden_fields 3.2.2-RC1 Use this event to pass data from the prune form to the confirmation screen
core.prune_forums_settings_template_data includes/acp/acp_prune.php template_data 3.2.2-RC1 Event to add/modify prune forums settings template data
core.search_modify_post_row search.php hilit, row, u_hilit, view, zebra 3.2.2-RC1 Modify the row of a post result before the post_text is trimmed
core.text_formatter_s9e_configure_finalize phpbb/textformatter/s9e/factory.php objects 3.2.2-RC1 Access the objects returned by finalize() before they are saved to cache
core.ucp_pm_view_message includes/ucp/ucp_pm_viewmessage.php cp_row, folder, folder_id, id, message_row, mode, msg_data, msg_id, user_info 3.2.2-RC1 Modify pm and sender data before it is assigned to the template
core.ucp_register_agreement_modify_template_data includes/ucp/ucp_register.php lang_row, s_hidden_fields, template_vars, tpl_name 3.2.2-RC1 Allows to modify the agreements.
core.ucp_register_modify_template_data includes/ucp/ucp_register.php data, error, s_hidden_fields, template_vars, tpl_name 3.2.2-RC1 Modify template data on the registration page
core.user_add_modify_notifications_data includes/functions_user.php cp_data, notifications_data, sql_ary, user_row 3.2.2-RC1 Modify the notifications data to be inserted in the database when a user is added
core.viewforum_generate_page_after viewforum.php forum_data 3.2.2-RC1 This event is to perform additional actions on viewforum page
core.viewforum_modify_page_title viewforum.php forum_data, forum_id, page_title, start 3.2.2-RC1 You can use this event to modify the page title of the viewforum page

Template Events

Identifier Prosilver Placement (If applicable) Added in Release Explanation
forumlist_body_forum_image_after forumlist_body.html 3.2.2-RC1 Add content after the forum image on the forum list.
forumlist_body_forum_image_append forumlist_body.html 3.2.2-RC1 Add content at the start of the forum image on the forum list.
forumlist_body_forum_image_before forumlist_body.html 3.2.2-RC1 Add content before the forum image on the forum list.
forumlist_body_forum_image_prepend forumlist_body.html 3.2.2-RC1 Add content at the end of the forum image on the forum list.
mcp_topic_postrow_attachments_after mcp_topic.html 3.2.2-RC1 Show additional content after attachments in mcp topic review
mcp_topic_postrow_attachments_before mcp_topic.html 3.2.2-RC1 Show additional content before attachments in mcp topic review
mcp_topic_postrow_post_before mcp_topic.html 3.2.2-RC1 Show additional content after postrow begins in mcp topic review
posting_attach_body_attach_row_controls_append posting_attach_body.html 3.2.2-RC1 Add content after attachment control elements
posting_attach_body_attach_row_controls_prepend posting_attach_body.html 3.2.2-RC1 Add content before attachment control elements
viewtopic_topic_title_before viewtopic_body.html 3.2.2-RC1 Add content directly before the topic title link on the View topic screen (outside of the h2 HTML tag)

ACP Template Events

Identifier Placement Added in Release Explanation
acp_prune_forums_settings_append acp_prune_forums.html 3.2.2-RC1 Add content after the prune settings
acp_users_mode_add acp_users.html 3.2.2-RC1 Add extra modes to the ACP user page