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Release Highlights/3.2.0-a1

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This page highlights important changes in phpBB 3.2.0-a1

New Features

  • Events - More events have been added to the template and the php core

Notable Changes

  • ""Remove subsilver2"" - subsilver2 has been removed and is not updated anymore PHPBB3-12958
  • Using twig's JS escape filter - The template system is now using twig's own javascript escape method instead of addslashes. PHPBB3-10388
  • Move FAQ to controller - The FAQ (and the related pages) is now accessed by the routing system as for the extensions pages PHPBB3-13647
  • Symfony 2.8 - Symfony has been updated to its 2.8 version PHPBB3-13407
  • ""New installer"" - A new installer has been developed and can be used from a navigator and the CLI. It is available in alpha version under install_new/' 'PHPBB3-13740
  • ""Environment System"" - An environment system has been developed, it gives the ability to have different services and routes PHPBB3-12620
  • ""Decoupled routing services"" - The routing services has been decoupled to give more power to extensions PHPBB3-14220
  • ""Decoupled Twig"" - The Twig services has been decoupled and are now available in the DI container to give more power to extensions PHPBB3-11649
  • ""BBcode System"" - The old BBcode system has been replaced by s9e\TextFormatter. It fixes a lot of BBcode related bugs PHPBB3-11649
  • ""Performances overall"" - The global performances of phpBB have been improved
  • ""Emojii"" - The emojii characters are now allowed in posts PHPBB3-12745
  • ""Prosilver"" - Global prosilver improvements
  • ""PHP7 compatibility"" - The alpha version is almost 100% compatible with PHP7
  • ""Language service"" - The language string handling have been decoupled from the user and extracting to its own class
  • ""PHP 5.4"" - The PHP requirements has been bumped to 5.4

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Twig - Twig loops ({% for row in loop %}) can now be used to replace phpBB blocks (<!-- BEGIN loop -->) PHPBB3-13132