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Release Highlights/3.2.0-RC1

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This page highlights important changes in phpBB 3.2.0-RC1


  • Updater - Improved error messages, client handling, cookie domain calculation, etc. PHPBB3-14590 PHPBB3-14589 PHPBB3-14564 ... and more
  • ""Controller resolver"" - The controller resolver is now able to handle callable functions/objects. PHPBB3-13502

Notable Bug Fixes

  • ""MSSQL"" - Database migrations with MSSQL now use the correct delimiter preventing any unexpected database errors while updating. PHPBB3-14591
  • ""Report ID"" - The accidentally removed auto increment was added back to the report id. PHPBB3-14607
  • ""Signature parsing"" - Signatures will now be correctly parsed again in case they were not changed before submitting the form. PHPBB3-14530
  • ""URL parsing"" - Shortened URLs properly link to the link instead of the link text again. PHPBB3-14527