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Release Highlights/3.2.0

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This page highlights important changes in phpBB 3.2.0

New features

  • Cookie notice - Added a cookie notice that can be enabled in the ACP PHPBB3-14961


  • Reparsers list - Display reparsers as proper list in CLI PHPBB3-14895
  • Feeds attachments - Only query needed attachments in feeds PHPBB3-14838

Notable Bug Fixes

  • PM ordering - Correctly order PMs using ORDER BY PHPBB3-14953
  • PostgreSQL errors during 3.0 upgrade - Use valid default for upgrades from 3.0 when using PostgreSQL PHPBB3-14923
  • Notifications without topic title - Notifications no longer end up with empty topic title under certain circumstances PHPBB3-14949
  • Topic titles - Topic titles no longer overlayed by pagination PHPBB3-14772
  • Editings topics w/out polls - Posting will correctly check if topic contains poll before asking for valid poll options PHPBB3-14962
  • Signature preview - Fix improper parsing of signatures during preview PHPBB3-14945

Notable changes

  • Caching of config - The database config will no longer be cached to prevent confusion among users PHPBB3-14957