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Release Highlights/3.1.3

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This page highlights important changes in phpBB 3.1.3

Security and Hardening

  • Hardening of imagick path - Existence of the path to the imagick program specified in the Administration Control Panel is now verified.

New Features

  • Events - More events have been added to the template and the php core
  • Support for IDN (IRI) Urls - Urls in BBCodes, posts and profile fields can now contain UTF8 characters
  • Migrations can now use DI - Migrations can now use the container to access additional objects

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Canonical URLs sort parameters removed - In order to produce less duplicate pages, the sort parameters have been removed from the canonical URLs
  • Multiple bugs while updating - Quite some bugs in the database update scripts have been fixed
  • Boolean profile fields on PostgreSQL - Boolean profile fields can now be created again
  • UTF8 characters in attachment names - Attachments with UTF8 characters in their file name can now be uploaded again