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This page highlights important changes in phpBB 3.1.0-b3

For a complete list of changes, please refer to this report.

New Features

  • Events - More events have been added to the template and the php core
  • SQLite3 Support - SQLite3 is now supported by phpBB
  • Apache 2.4 Support - The .htaccess file now supports the Apache 2.4 syntax
  • Prune shadow topics - An option was added, to allow automatic pruning of shadow topics
  • PLupload for PMs - The new PLuploader was added to the "PM compose" screen aswell
  • New constant for container recompiling - We added DEBUG_CONTAINER for recreating the container on every page load. This allows you to have debug enabled but still have fast page loads.

Notable Changes

  • Reverting migrations update_data - Migrator does no longer automatically revert custom functions defined in update_data()
  • PMs to banned users - Permanently banned users can no longer receive PMs and User Emails
  • Coding Guidelines - The coding guidelines have been updated to match the rules for 3.1
  • jQuery Update - The shipped version of jQuery has been updated to 1.11.0 - We didn't go for 2.0.x because we want to support IE8
  • Update dependencies - Update Symfony Dependencies to latest 2.3 releaes, the minimum stability was changed to stable and test and documentation files were removed from the packages
  • Breadcrumb seperator - Moved breadcrumb seperator from template to CSS
  • JavaScript dE() replaced - The javascript function dE() was replaced with phpbb.toggleDisplay()
  • DB Schemas - We removed the schema from the install/schemas/*.sql files. The neccessary queries are now generated from the schema.json instead

Notable Bug Fixes

  • (Re-)Approving, (Soft-)Deleting of posts - Several errors regarding approving/notifications with posts and soft deleted posts have been addressed
  • Redirect after Ajax Request - Redirect after ajax requests now also works for routes
  • Update on MSSQL - Updating a board from 3.0.x to 3.1 should now currently work on MSSQL