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This page highlights user-visible changes in phpBB 3.1.0-A1

For a complete list of changes, please refer to this report.

New Features

  • Extensions - Replacing MODs, Extensions are a new contribution type that require no file edits for installation. They can be easily installed via the ACP.
  • AJAX - Several functions use AJAX to perform actions without a page reload.
  • Notifications - Certain actions users perform while using your board will generate notifications to affected users. For instance, users can be notified when they are quoted in a post. There are multiple notification methods, including board notification and email notification. This feature can be expanded upon by extensions to add notification types (e.g. quoting a user) and notifications methods (e.g. text message).
  • Soft delete - Posts and topics can now be "soft" deleted (i.e. removed from public view but retained in the database) to allow greater control over access of potentially unwanted posts and topics as well as . Permissions dictate separately who can soft delete and who can hard delete posts.
  • Gravatar - Avatars may now be fetched from the Gravatar service, in addition to the previously available options (upload, URL, and gallery).

Notable Changes / Bug Fixes

  • Better Timezone handling - DST is now automatic
  • Last topic in forum list - The title of the topic with the most recent post is now displayed as a link in the forum list along with the username and date.
  • Improved page titles - Browser page titles now begin with the forum/topic name, rather than the site name (which is now at the end).
  • Text-based buttons - Large buttons, such as Post Reply and New Topic, are now CSS and text, rather than images.
  • Team page - The team page is now better organized and can be customised via the ACP.