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This page highlights important changes in phpBB 3.1.0-b4

For a complete list of changes, please refer to this report.

New Features

  • Events - More events have been added to the template and the php core
  • PHPBB_DISPLAY_LOAD_TIME - A new constant has been added to dissociate the displaying of the load time from DEBUG
  • New profile fields - New profile fields for Facebook, Google+, Skype, Twitter and Youtube have been added

Notable Changes

  • Firebird - Firebird is NO LONGER SUPPORTED as a database backend
  • No functions in front files - All functionswere moved from front-facing files to function files
  • File finder - phpbb\finder (previously phpbb\extension\finder) does not depend on extension manager anymore

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Right-to-left - Several bugs related to right-to-left languages have been fixed