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This is the process for getting significant new features into phpBB.

What Is An RFC

RFC, short for Request For Comments, is a document explaining a proposal. Read more about it on Wikipedia.

RFCs serve multiple purposes:

  • They publicly announce proposed changes or new features.
  • They allow all interested parties to review these changes or features, and comment on them.
  • They require submitters to express their ideas in a clear and concise, yet complete, fashion.
  • They allow interested parties to collaborate on implementing proposed ideas.

The Process

Suppose Alice wants phpBB to grommick when making a post. She however is not sure whether other users would find grommicking useful. She first starts a topic in a discussion forum (such as 3.1 Discussion) having contents similar to the following:

I think phpBB should grommick when making a post. It would be really useful especially for boards in the Western hemisphere.