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PhpBB4/RFC/Multiple Editors

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This RFC is for the ability to add and use multiple editors and parsers within phpBB4 posting. The reason for adding and using multiple parsers is that it gives board administrators and users greater flexibility for their community and the content that they write. Additionally, it would allow users to use a parser or editor that they may be more familiar or comfortable with instead of being limited to plain text and the BBCode markup that is currently used within phpBB3.


  • Editors / Parsers loaded via plugin with no core edits.
  • A plugin config file could be used to specify new permissions and config options to load automatically.
  • Enable / Disable option for each parser in the posting screen.
  • Enable / Disable option for each parser in the ACP.
  • Individual parser user permission.
  • Default parser of choice in the user's preferences.
  • Parsers to include in phpBB4 by default:
    1. Plain Text
    2. BBCode
    3. Markdown - modified.
    4. Textile - modified.
    5. WYSIWYG - CKEditor with jQuery
    6. Raw HTML.
  • Parsers that support HTML would have the following:
    1. Whitelist of usable HTML Tags.
    2. XSS filtering using a PHP Framework Security class.