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This page lists RFCs that are currently being worked on or have been completed. If you want to create a new RFC please create a page with the name phpBB4/RFC/<name of RFC> enter it into this list and create a topic on area51 for its discussion.


These RFCs need to be discussed. If they are updated a post to the board should be made to inform people of the change. After consensus is reached they should be rejected or accepted.

Symfony 2

phpBB4 should be built with the full-stack web framework Symfony 2. Discussion

Extension Repository

Organisation of the extension repository for a package management system. Discussion

Multiple Editors

Adding and using multiple editors and parsers when posting. Discussion

Secure Automatic Upgrades

phpBB4 should support digitally signed Automatic Upgrades as Wordpress does. Discussion

Moderation System

The phpBB4 Moderation system should be more geared for discussion, accountability, and efficiency. Discussion

Post Edit Record

When posts are edited, a copy of the old post is moved to another table allowing others with a certain permission setting to view who changed what in a post to keep them accountable. Discussion


These RFCs are still being worked on. There is no need to discuss them. Their authors are not satisfied with their work yet.


These RFCs have been accepted but still need to be implemented or their implementation is still incomplete or unsatisfactory.


These RFCs have been implemented. No further work is required.

Coding Guidelines

Rules developers contributing to phpBB4 need to follow when writing their code. Discussion


These are RFCs that might be brought back at a later point, but no work is currently taking place.


These RFCs have been rejected.