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This page lists RFCs that are currently being worked on or have been completed. If you want to create a new RFC please create a page with the name phpBB3.1/RFC/<name of RFC> enter it into this list and create a topic on area51 for its discussion.


These RFCs have been accepted but still need to be implemented or their implementation is still incomplete or unsatisfactory.

Attachments Management

Enhance the attachment management. Ticket, Discussion

Authentication Plugin Refactoring & User Integration

Refactor the authentication plugins into an object oriented interface to allow for easier authentication (OpenID, etc...). Ticket, Discussion

Cleaning up the ACP UI

Reorganize parts of the ACP. Ticket, Discussion

General Hook Architecture

An easier to use and more scalable hook architecture. Ticket, Discussion

Improve Pruning Feature

Extend the pruning criteria and improve the pruning queries. Ticket, Discussion

Improved Template Engine

A more efficient implementation of phpBB's template engine ported from ascreus-experiment. Ticket, Discussion

IP banning to use 'longest prefix matching'

Rather than ban every IP within the range, use prefix matching to determine if an IP is banned. Ticket, Discussion

Overridable Imageset and Theme Paths for CDNs

Allow for configurable image paths to aid in the use of Content Distribution Networks. Discussion

PHP Timezone Handling

Use DateTime(Zone) classes introduced in PHP 5.1 and 5.2 for calculating displayed times from Unix timestamps. Replace GMT offset and DST flag with a location-based timezone selection. Ticket, Discussion

Pre-Compile Template Includes

Create a template "region" which is pre-compiled at compile time which loads all hooks' template code for that region. Discussion

Cache Refactoring

Refactor ACM classes. Ticket

Search Backend Refactoring

Allow the search backend to either replace the search user interface or to remove or add some of the controls. Ticket, Discussion

Session Backend Abstraction

Refactor the session code to provide an abstraction of the storage mechanism used, to allow for faster backends like memcache to be implemented. Ticket, Discussion

Simple message API

Create an easier way to work with posts using BBcodes. Ticket, Discussion

Soft Delete

Posts can be given a "deleted" state similar to that of an unapproved post. Ticket, Discussion

SQLite 3.0+ Support

Add support for SQLite 3.0+. Ticket, Discussion

Updated BBcode Engine

Integrate the BBcode engine from ascreus-experiment. Ticket, Discussion


These RFCs have been implemented. No further work is required.

Ability to delete auto login keys

Allow users to view and purge the auto login keys associated with their account. Ticket, Discussion

Autoloading & Class Naming Convention

Guidelines for class naming and autoloading. Ticket, Discussion

Automatic UTF-8 Normalization

request_var() should automatically perform UTF-8 normalization instead of requiring extra steps. Ticket, Discussion

Avatar Improvements

Avatar storage should be abstracted to allow for services like Gravatar. Ticket, Discussion

Coding Guideline Modifications

Modifications to the existing coding guidelines. Ticket, Discussion

Config Class

Introduce a config class. Ticket

Enhanced Team Page

Add extra functionality to the team page. Ticket, Discussion


Unification of phpBB plugin mechanisms, like search backends acp pages, etc. as well as basis for hooks. Ticket, Discussion

HTML5 Doctype

Adds HTML5 Doctype to phpBB pages. Ticket, Discussion

Improved Page Titles

Page titles should be rearranged such that the most relevant information is presented first. Ticket, Discussion

Link Global Announcements to Forums

Link global announcements to a specific forum. Ticket, Discussion

Modular cron

The cron system should be flexible enough for true system cron jobs to invoke phpBB created crons. Ticket, Discussion

No db storage of themes and stylesheets

Remove the ability to store theme and stylesheets within the database. Ticket, Discussion

Removal of Imagesets

The third style component, imagesets, is unnecessary and causes problems so it should be combined with themes. Ticket, Discussion

Rename MSNM to WLM

Update the MSN Messenger field to its new name, Windows Live Messenger. Ticket, Discussion

Request class

All request data should be moved into a Request class which prevents direct access. Ticket, Discussion

Resume Support for Attachments

Allow interrupted file downloads to be resumed. Ticket, Discussion

Javascript Coding Style

Define a coding style for Javascript code within phpBB. Ticket, Discussion


These are RFCs that might be brought back at a later point, but no work is currently taking place.


These are RFCs which have been suggested, but not yet accepted or rejected.

MOD Installer

Add an automatic MOD installer. Ticket, Discussion Proposal 2


Process database updates of phpBB and MODs through a graph of migration steps. Migration steps are based on UMIL. Ticket, Discussion


These RFCs have been rejected.

Removal of subsilver2

subsilver2 should be removed and all support dropped. Ticket, Discussion
The final decision was that subsilver2 will be maintained, but will not be shipped in the official package.


These RFCs were replaced with a different proposal.

Include UMIL

Include UMIL or a similar system. Ticket, Discussion Data Providers RFC