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Automated testing can not reproduce every test case or configuration experienced by the end user. Therefore, it is important that phpBB users test each software change - customisations, patches, and release updates - to ensure the software works as intended.

This page is not meant to describe how to perform testing; only what to test. Below is a brief summary of tests which exercise the phpBB software.

Test configuration

The phpBB software is developed in a "plain vanilla" (stock) configuration. All extensions are disabled; the style is set to prosilver.

If a problem is found, testing in the same configuration as the developers will help everyone. The problem can be reproduced, fixed, then retested as needed.


Register a new member. If the test configuration does not have a working email service, such as testing on localhost, then manually activate the new registration from the Administration Control Panel.

Registered users

  • Create a new topic
  • Add a new post
  • Report a post
  • Receive notifications
  • Send Private Messages
  • Configure items in the User Control Panel.


  • Edit member posts
  • Disposition posts waiting approval
  • Disposition reported posts
  • Ban members
  • Receive notifications - posts to be reviewed, reported posts
  • Warn a member
  • Add to a member's user notes


  • Purge the system cache
  • Edit a forum configuration
  • Edit a forum permission
  • Prune a user
  • Edit a custom profile field
  • Check the logs for errors due to the software change. This includes the site error logs, such as Apache or MySQL.