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* [[:Category:Styles|Styles]]
* [[:Category:Styles|Styles]]
* [[:Category:API|API]]
* [[:Category:API|API]]
* [[Style changes]]
===Other Languages===
===Other Languages===

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Welcome to the phpBB Development Wiki :-)

Please note that anonymous editing has been disabled because there was too much spam :-(

What is this wiki about?

This wiki is a place where you can share your experience with the codebase of phpBB3 aka Olympus. Anything related to code documentation, modding/styling tutorials can be added here.

What is it not?

This is not meant to be a general documentation how to use phpBB3. E.g. don't describe how to register, post new topics, etc.


This list can also be found in the navigation on the left side. Feel free to add more documentation if you know something that isn't documented yet. If you add new pages, please file them under at least one of the five categories so other people can find your article. To do this, simply add e.g. [[Category:Tutorials]] for the category tutorials at the end of your text.

Other Languages