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Get Involved

This page describes how to get involved in phpBB's development.

You can help the project in the following ways:

  • Reporting bugs
  • Reproducing bugs and verifying fixes
  • Creating patches
  • Reviewing patches
  • Discussing existing RFCs
  • Creating new RFCs
  • Participating in development IRC channel and area51

The following sections elaborate on each of these options.

Reporting Bugs

If you came across a bug, report it to the development team. Go to the issue tracker (, login (you need a account to login to the tracker), then use an appropriate Improvement or Bug link on the top right to create a ticket.

Besides reporting bugs that you found yourself you can also report bugs that other users found. Some of the topics in the support forum ( relate to bugs in phpBB or are sources for possible improvement. Take the information provided by poster(s) in support forums and turn it into a ticket. Try to include all relevant details and omit irrelevant information. Ideally you should reproduce the bugs that you create tickets for - see the next section.

Reproducing Bugs

Find an open ticket in the issue tracker ( Follow supplied instructions, if any, to reproduce the issue yourself. You can use your own board, a public board such as forums, or a test board installed with a tool like QuickInstall. Once you reproduced the issue add a comment to that effect to the ticket.

If the supplied instructions were insufficient to reproduce the issue and you had to perform additional steps, or configure something in a particular way, add this information to the ticket. If the issue does not always occur you can state when it does occur. If your environment differs from that of the original reporter, add your environment information to the ticket.

This is especially helpful for frontend issues where different browsers may be affected in different ways, or for issues on unusual configurations where developers may have a hard time or be unable to reproduce the environment that results in reported behavior.

Verifying Fixes

This usually happens during RC phase of a release. All tickets that are fixed in a particular release should be verified.

First, use an installation running the previous release to reproduce the issue (see the previous section). Then, use an installation running the new release to make sure the issue no longer exists. Post the result of your verification in the ticket.

Creating Patches

If you found an issue you think you can fix, whether this is an issue you reported or someone else reported, you can create a patch for it.

Changing phpBB's code is outside the scope of this document. Assuming you performed needed changes, you can create a patch from them in a variety of ways. The preferred way of submitting patches is forking