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user_add –– Adds a new user to phpBB3


int user_add ( Array $user_row [, Array $cp_data, Array $notifications_data ] )

The user_add function is responsible for adding new users to the phpBB3 system. Because of the complexities of the database, users should only be added to phpBB3 using this function.

Note: This function assumes a potential username has passed validate_username


An array containing the following keys (and the appropriate values): username, group_id (the group to place the user in), user_email and the user_type(usually 0). Additional entries not overridden by defaults will be forwarded.

An array containing the custom profile field data for the user being added. See custom_profile::submit_cp_field

An array containing the notification methods and types the user should be subscribed to. It should fit the following format:

$notifications_data = array(
'item_type'        => 'notification.type.example',
'method'        => 'notification.method.example',

By default, users will receive emails for subscribed topics and posts if this parameter is not passed.

Return Values

Returns the new user’s user_id int, false if username, group_id, user_email, or user_type are missing from the user_row, or if username_clean was not able to be generated from the username.


Example #1 Adding a new user

This example will create a new user that is active, the user does not have to be activated to login.

// In this example, the $data array should contain the validated input fields for
// username, password, email, timezone (tz) and the user’s chosen language (lang).
$user_row = array(
'username'              => $data['username'],
'user_password'         => phpbb_hash($data['password']),
'user_email'            => $data['email'],
'group_id'              => 2// by default, the REGISTERED user group is id 2
'user_timezone'         => (float) $data['tz'],
'user_lang'             => $data['lang'],
'user_type'             => USER_NORMAL,
'user_ip'               => $user->ip,
'user_regdate'          => time(),

// Register user...
$user_id user_add($user_row);

Example #2 Adding a new user with Custom Profile Fields (CPF)

This example will create a new inactive user along with the custom profile data from a form.

$cp = new custom_profile();
$error $cp_data $cp_error = array();
// validate and register the custom profile fields
$cp->submit_cp_field('register'$user->get_iso_lang_id(), $cp_data$error);

// create an inactive user key to send to them...
$user_actkey gen_rand_string(10);
$key_len 54 - (strlen($server_url));
$key_len = ($key_len 6) ? $key_len;
$user_actkey substr($user_actkey0$key_len);

// set the user to inactive and the reason to "newly registered"
$user_type USER_INACTIVE;
$user_inactive_reason INACTIVE_REGISTER;
$user_inactive_time time();

// setup the user array for the new user
$user_row = array(
'username'              => $data['username'],
'user_password'         => phpbb_hash($data['password']),
'user_email'            => $data['email'],
'group_id'              => (int) $group_id,
'user_timezone'         => (float) $data['tz'],
'user_dst'              => $is_dst,
'user_lang'             => $data['lang'],
'user_type'             => $user_type,
'user_actkey'           => $user_actkey,
'user_ip'               => $user->ip,
'user_regdate'          => time(),
'user_inactive_reason'  => $user_inactive_reason,
'user_inactive_time'    => $user_inactive_time,

// Register user...
$user_id user_add($user_row$cp_data);

// If creating the user failed, display an error
if ($user_id === false)
// If there were any errors, display them, one on each newline.
'ERROR'             => (sizeof($error)) ? implode('<br />'$error) : '',

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