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user_add –– Adds a new user to phpBB3


int user_add ( Array $user_row [, Array $cp_data ] )

The user_add function is responsible for adding new users to the phpBB3 system. Because of the complexities of the database, users should only be added to phpBB3 using this function.


An array containing the following keys (and the appropriate values): username, group_id (the group to place the user in), user_email and the user_type(usually 0). Additional entries not overridden by defaults will be forwarded.

An array containing the custom profile field data for the user being added. See custom_profile::submit_cp_field

Return Values

Returns the new user’s user_id int, false if username, group_id, user_email, or user_type are missing from the user_row, or if username_clean was not able to be generated from the username.


Example #1 Adding a new user

This example will create a new user that is active, the user does not have to be activated to login.

// In this example, the $data array should contain the validated input fields for
// username, password, email, timezone (tz) and the user’s chosen language (lang).
$user_row = array(
'username'              => $data['username'],
'user_password'         => phpbb_hash($data['password']),
'user_email'            => $data['email'],
'group_id'              => 2// by default, the REGISTERED user group is id 2
'user_timezone'         => (float) $data['tz'],
'user_lang'             => $data['lang'],
'user_type'             => USER_NORMAL,
'user_ip'               => $user->ip,
'user_regdate'          => time(),

// Register user...
$user_id user_add($user_row);

Example #2 Adding a new user with Custom Profile Fields (CPF)

This example will create a new inactive user along with the custom profile data from a form.

$cp = new custom_profile();
$error $cp_data $cp_error = array();
// validate and register the custom profile fields
$cp->submit_cp_field('register'$user->get_iso_lang_id(), $cp_data$error);

// create an inactive user key to send to them...
$user_actkey gen_rand_string(10);
$key_len 54 - (strlen($server_url));
$key_len = ($key_len 6) ? $key_len;
$user_actkey substr($user_actkey0$key_len);

// set the user to inactive and the reason to "newly registered"
$user_type USER_INACTIVE;
$user_inactive_reason INACTIVE_REGISTER;
$user_inactive_time time();

// setup the user array for the new user
$user_row = array(
'username'              => $data['username'],
'user_password'         => phpbb_hash($data['password']),
'user_email'            => $data['email'],
'group_id'              => (int) $group_id,
'user_timezone'         => (float) $data['tz'],
'user_dst'              => $is_dst,
'user_lang'             => $data['lang'],
'user_type'             => $user_type,
'user_actkey'           => $user_actkey,
'user_ip'               => $user->ip,
'user_regdate'          => time(),
'user_inactive_reason'  => $user_inactive_reason,
'user_inactive_time'    => $user_inactive_time,

// Register user...
$user_id user_add($user_row$cp_data);

// If creating the user failed, display an error
if ($user_id === false)
// If there were any errors, display them, one on each newline.
'ERROR'             => (sizeof($error)) ? implode('<br />'$error) : '',

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