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login_box –– Generate login box or verify password


  1. void login_box ( [ $redirect [, $l_explain [, $l_success [, $admin [, $s_display ]]]]] )

The login_box() function can have a redirect as the first parameter. As a rule of thumb, specify an empty string if you want to redirect to the users current location, otherwise do not add the $SID (append_sid) to the redirect string (for example within the ucp/login we redirect to the board index, otherwise the user would be redirected back to the login screen -- perpetually).


Parameter Required Default Usage
redirect No '' URL location the script will redirect to once the user is successfully logged in. Defaults to the current page.
l_explain No '' Language string to use for the Login Message. Defaults to
l_success No '' Language string to use for the Login Successful Message.
admin No false Used for second-login for Administrators. The ACP utilises this parameter.
s_display No true Display forgot password and resend activation links, autologin and hide session checkboxes.

Return Values

This function returns NULL if the user is banned


Example #1 Show the login box if user is not logged in

if (!$user->data['user_type'] == ANONYMOUS)

Example #2 Show the login box with redirect

Verify the user has searching permissions, if they do not, and the user is not logged in, we show a login box. If the user is logged in, we throw a "not allowed to access this page" error.

// Start auth check
if (!$auth->acl_get('u_search'))
// the user is logged in, therefore we give an error message
if ($user->data['user_id'] != ANONYMOUS)

// the user is not logged in, we show a login box with a message
login_box($phpbb_root_path 'my_page.' $phpEx$user->lang['LOGIN_VIEWPAGE']);

Example #3 Re-Authentication Login for Administrators

Display a login box if the logged-in administrator has not authenticated a second time for the admin session.

if (!isset($user->data['session_admin']) || !$user->data['session_admin'])
login_box(''$user->lang['LOGIN_ADMIN_CONFIRM'], $user->lang['LOGIN_ADMIN_SUCCESS'], truefalse);



Leaving $redirect empty will cause redirection to the original page; in fact the login_box function can be called without any parameters.

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