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mixed   group_user_del($group_id, [$user_id_ary = false], [$username_ary = false], [$group_name = false])

This function should be used to handle deleting users from groups. This function resides in functions_user.php


Parameter Usage
group_id The user group id to remove the user from.
user_id_arry User(s) id, does not have to be an array. If this is false, you must pass username_ary.
username_ary Usernames for users being added to group (optional).
group_name Name of group (optional).

Return Values

Returns false if no errors ocurred, or the user language string for the relevant error. For example; 'NO_USER'.


Example 1

Will delete a user from the Global Moderators group (group_id = 4).


--Mfairchild365 19:20, 18 May 2011 (BST)