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(Explains the basics about the group_user_add function and gives examples.)
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mixed   group_user_add  ( $group_id, [ $user_id_ary = false], [ $username_ary = false], [ $group_name = false], [ $default = false], [ $leader = 0], [ $pending = 0], [ $group_attributes = false])

This function should be used to handle adding users to groups.


Parameter Usage
group_id The user group id to add this user to.
user_id_arry User(s) id, does not have to be an array. If this is false, you must pass username_ary.
username_ary Usernames for users being added to group (optional).
group_name Name of group (optional).
default If true, will set this group as the default group for all users being added.
leader If true, all users will be a leader of the group.
pending If true, users will be set as pending and will not show in group list until approved.

Return Values

Returns false if no errors ocurred, or the user language string for the relevant error. For example; 'NO_USER'.


Example 1

Will add user to the Global Moderators group (group_id = 4). Will also make this group the users default.


--Mtotheikle 03:13, 2 December 2008 (UTC)