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(Version 1.36)

7. Guidelines Changelog

Revision 1.31

  • Added add_form_key and check_form_key.

Revision 1.24

  • Added 5. Character Sets and Encodings section to explain the recommended treatment of strings in phpBB.

Revision 1.16

  • Added 5. Translation (i18n/L10n) Guidelines section to explain expected format and authoring considerations for language packs that are to be created for phpBB.

Revision 1.11-1.15

  • Various document formatting, spelling, punctuation, grammar bugs.

Revision 1.9-1.10

  • Added sql_query_limit to 2.iii. SQL/SQL Layout.

Revision 1.8

  • Some adjustements to wordings
  • Updated paragraph 1.iii. File Locations to reflect recent changes
  • Extended paragraph 2.ii. Code Layout.
  • Added sql_in_set and sql_build_query explanation to 2.iii. SQL/SQL Layout.
  • Updated paragraph 3. Styling.
  • Updated paragraph 4. Templating to explain loop checking, loop breaking and other changes we recently made.

Revision 1.5

  • Changed General function usage paragraph in 2.v. General Guidelines