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Creating Template Listeners

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What are template listeners?

Template listeners are a way of injecting code into the template files. The can be injected at any place where events are used. They are part of the listeners system added in 3.1

How to use one

I'm assuming you already know what the events's identifer is. If you don't then you should look it up on the Events_List. If it isn't on the events list you can add it as described in the Adding_Events article.

So lets say our event is called overall_header_head and injects into overall_header.html in the head element.

You create a file in your extension in

You essentially call the file by the event identifier followed by .html

Then you type in the content you want to be injected where that event is and your good to do. Its as simple as that.

If you want it to work for all styles (recommended) then instead of style name use `all`.