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What are ledges?

A ledge is a hook location. When an extension wishes to hook its functionality into the phpBB core at a certain point, it can do so only at available hook locations, or ledges. For more information, see the wiki article for hooks.

How to add a ledge

You would add a ledge you would use this code:

$vars = array('arrayname');
$event = new phpbb_event_data(compact($vars));

Let's dissect that code


 $vars = array('arrayvariable');

This just defines the variable vars as the variable for the array.

 $event = new phpbb_event_data(compact($vars));

This won't need any changes and is beyond the scope of this article.

 $phpbb_dispatcher->dispatch('identifier', $event);

This just sets the identifier name (see below) and input parameter which is event as per the previous line. The identifer is the name for the hook. If its in the core it should be prefixed by `core.` but if its in an extension you should prefix it with a unique string related to your extension to prevent clashes with other extensions. When its in a function you may need to add the following beforehand:

 global $phpbb_dispatcher


This gets the data from the hook. This won't need changing.

Based on the blog article Explaining Hooks