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Many features in phpBB 3.1 have been enhanced with AJAX, meaning that they do not require a page reload to complete their task. AJAX requires a Javascript enabled browser; however, the AJAX layer was added on top of the existing functionality, meaning that browsing without Javascript enabled results in no loss of usability.

Features Currently Enhanced with AJAX


  • global: delete cookies
  • index: mark all forums read
  • memberlist_view (viewprofile): add as friend/foe
  • viewforum: watch forum, mark topics read
  • viewtopic: watch topic, bookmark topic, bump topic, delete post, approve post, quickmod


  • acp_attachments row delete
  • acp_bbcodes row delete
  • acp_bots row delete, activate/deactivate
  • acp_forums move up/down
  • acp_groups row delete
  • acp_icons row delete
  • acp_main buttons
  • acp_modules row delete
  • acp_permission_roles row delete
  • acp_profile row delete, activate/deactivate
  • acp_ranks row delete
  • acp_reasons row delete
  • acp_styles activate/deactivate
  • acp_words row delete

Using AJAX

See Using_AJAX.