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Terry Ellison

I am a maths graduate who has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years. I was 14 years-old when I first learned to program and I was already competent in Fortran, PL/I and S/360 assembler and had gotten my first contract work in the industry by 18. I took a year off between school and university working as a commercial programmer. University (mathematics and operations research at Cambridge) and then a few years as an officer in the Royal Engineers followed before I rejoined the IT industry full-time, joining a leading UK systems house / consultancy, initially working in mathematical defence system modelling, signal processing and other real-time programming. I then worked up the consultancy / development hierarchy alternating between technical management and chief engineer on various projects (the largest had over a hundred developers).

During this time the company was acquired by EDS and for the next 15 years I worked within the EDS organisation. With its emphasis on IT services, I moved over into the EDS services arm where my last three posts were divisional CTO jobs. (EDS was acquired by HP in 2008 and was subsequently renamed HP Enterprise Services). As well as normal CTO functions, I kept an active technical involvement in the company as a matter of personal policy. I help found the European program for the formal development of EDS system and enterprise architects, and continued to support this including being a sponsor for the establishment of a formal architects career path in EDS globally. In 2005 I was one of the first group of engineers worldwide to be awarded the company Distinguished Systems Engineer accolade largely in recognition of my work in helping to establish the use of virtualisation technologies in EDS, and in leading enterprise system performance tuning initiatives.

My career was put on an abrupt hold in Dec 2007 when I went down with what is called CFS and I was largely bed-bound for over a year. I slowly recovered during 2009-2010, but left HP because of my illness in 2009. I keep involved by contributing to various Open Source communities such as where I am the lead administrator on the OOo User Community website, and the User Forum where I maintain this installation and act as moderator. These forums all use phpBB as their engine. I am also a contributor to Wikipedia.

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