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Umil.table column remove

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umil::table_column_remove –– Remove a column from a database table using the Umil Library.


string umil::table_column_remove ( mixed $table_name [, string $column_name ] )


Parameter Required/Default Usage
table_name Required The name of the database table to remove the column from. You may just use phpbb_ for the table prefix if you would like. UMIL correctly sets the table prefix to the board's default if you enter in phpbb_
column_name default '' The name of the column to remove

Return Values

Returns result or umil_end data

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Example #1

Remove the column named 'test_foo' from the phpbb_test table.


Example #2

Remove the column named 'test_bar' from the phpbb_users table.


Example #3

Removing multiple columns with one function call


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