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Umil.config update

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umil::config_update –– Update a config setting using the Umil Library.


string umil::config_update ( mixed $config_name [, string $config_value [, boolean $is_dynamic ]] )


Parameter Required/Default Usage
config_name Required The name of the config setting to update
config_value default '' The value of the config setting to update
is_dynamic default false True for a dynamic config setting (one that gets selected from the database with each page load), false for a normal config setting

Return Values

Returns result or umil_end data

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Example #1

Update a config item named 'test_mod_bool' with the value of (bool) true


Example #2

Update a dynamic config item named 'test_mod_count' with a value of 0


Example #3

Update multiple config items with one function call


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