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A useful addition would be "If you want to change something in an active style, for example from site_logo.gif to site_logo.png, it is not sufficient to edit the imageset.cfg file. To make the change visible, you must also....." As I don't know the answer I am unable to provide it. Or, if you would like, I would be happy to find it here.

Refreshing the stylesheet from the style tab inside the ACP should update the values in the database and take your changes. If that doesn't work for whatever reason, you could always uninstall then reinstall the stylesheet to make changes take effect.
what I'd like to know is why it's necessary (or just recommended?) to include unused/empty values in this file. --Frug (talk) 17:42, 12 November 2012 (GMT)

frug, I'm sure glad that you mentioned ACP->Styles->ImageSets->Refresh.