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This table stores the confirmation codes used by some of the CAPTCHA plugins (i.e. GD, GD-wave, and non-GD).


column type (MySQL) content default
confirm_id char(32) primary key  
session_id char(32) primary key, The session ID associated with the registration attempt.  
confirm_type tinyint(3) Where the CAPTCHA was generated (registration, login, or posting). 0
code varchar(8) The character code that will be displayed for the user to confirm. This will be used to cross-check the user entry during registration and deny the attempt if it does not match.  
seed int(10) The seed that should be used to initialized the random number generator for the image generation. 0
attempts mediumint(8) The number of attempts that have been made at solving the CAPTCHA 0


name fields
PRIMARY session_id
confirm_type confirm_type