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Release Highlights/3.2.0

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This page highlights important changes in phpBB 3.2.0

New features

  • Cookie notice - Added a cookie notice that can be enabled in the ACP PHPBB3-14961


  • Reparsers list - Display reparsers as proper list in CLI PHPBB3-14895
  • Feeds attachments - Only query needed attachments in feeds PHPBB3-14838

Notable Bug Fixes

  • PM ordering - Correctly order PMs using ORDER BY PHPBB3-14953
  • PostgreSQL errors during 3.0 upgrade - Use valid default for upgrades from 3.0 when using PostgreSQL PHPBB3-14923
  • Notifications without topic title - Notifications no longer end up with empty topic title under certain circumstances PHPBB3-14949
  • Topic titles - Topic titles no longer overlayed by pagination PHPBB3-14772
  • Editings topics w/out polls - Posting will correctly check if topic contains poll before asking for valid poll options PHPBB3-14962
  • Signature preview - Fix improper parsing of signatures during preview PHPBB3-14945

Notable changes

  • Caching of config - The database config will no longer be cached to prevent confusion among users PHPBB3-14957

Event changes (some of these might already exist in 3.2.0-RC2)

PHP Events (Hook Locations)

Identifier Placement Arguments Added in Release Explanation
core.acp_attachments_config_edit_add includes/acp/acp_attachments.php display_vars, mode, submit 3.1.11-RC1 Event to add and/or modify acp_attachement configurations
core.acp_extensions_run_action includes/acp/acp_extensions.php action, ext_name, safe_time_limit, start_time, u_action 3.1.11-RC1 Event to run a specific action on extension
core.acp_help_phpbb_submit_before includes/acp/acp_help_phpbb.php submit 3.2.0-RC2 Event to modify ACP help phpBB page and/or listen to submit
core.add_form_key includes/functions.php form_name, now, s_fields, template_variable_suffix, token, token_sid 3.1.0-RC3 Perform additional actions on creation of the form token
core.auth_oauth_login_after phpbb/auth/provider/oauth/oauth.php row 3.1.11-RC1 Event is triggered after user is successfuly logged in via OAuth.
core.generate_smilies_before includes/functions_posting.php root_path 3.1.11-RC1 Modify smiley root path before populating smiley list
core.get_user_rank_after includes/functions_display.php user_data, user_posts, user_rank_data 3.1.11-RC1 Modify a user's rank before displaying
core.help_manager_add_block_after phpbb/help/manager.php block_name, questions, switch_column 3.2.0-a1 You can use this event to add a block after the current one.
core.help_manager_add_block_before phpbb/help/manager.php block_name, questions, switch_column 3.2.0-a1 You can use this event to add a block before the current one.
core.help_manager_add_question_after phpbb/help/manager.php answer, question 3.2.0-a1 You can use this event to add a question after the current one.
core.help_manager_add_question_before phpbb/help/manager.php answer, question 3.2.0-a1 You can use this event to add a question before the current one.
core.mcp_forum_merge_topics_after includes/mcp/mcp_forum.php all_topic_data, to_topic_id 3.1.11-RC1 Perform additional actions after merging topics.
core.mcp_main_modify_fork_sql includes/mcp/mcp_main.php sql_ary 3.1.11-RC1 Perform actions before forked topic is created.
core.mcp_main_modify_shadow_sql includes/mcp/mcp_main.php shadow 3.1.11-RC1 Perform actions before shadow topic is created.
core.modify_email_headers includes/functions_messenger.php headers 3.1.11-RC1 Event to modify email header entries
core.modify_pm_attach_download_auth includes/functions_download.php allowed, msg_id, user_id 3.1.11-RC1 Event to modify PM attachments download auth
core.modify_text_for_storage_before includes/functions_content.php allow_bbcode, allow_flash_bbcode, allow_img_bbcode, allow_quote_bbcode, allow_smilies, allow_url_bbcode, allow_urls, bitfield, flags, mode, text, uid 3.1.0-a1 Use this event to modify the text before it is prepared for storage
core.move_posts_sync_after includes/functions_admin.php auto_sync, forum_ids, forum_row, post_ids, topic_id, topic_ids 3.1.11-RC1 Perform additional actions after move post sync
core.phpbb_log_get_topic_auth_sql_before phpbb/log/log.php sql_ary, topic_ids 3.1.11-RC1 Allow modifying SQL query before topic data is retrieved.
core.posting_modify_submission_errors posting.php error, forum_id, mode, poll, post_data, post_id, submit, topic_id 3.1.0-RC5 This event allows you to define errors before the post action is performed
core.search_modify_url_parameters search.php ex_fid_ary, search_id, show_results, sql_where, total_match_count, u_search 3.1.7-RC1 Event to add or modify search URL parameters
core.send_file_to_browser_before includes/functions_download.php attachment, category, filename, size, upload_dir 3.1.11-RC1 Event to alter attachment before it is sent to browser.
core.smiley_text_root_path includes/functions_content.php root_path 3.1.11-RC1 Event to override the root_path for smilies
core.text_formatter_s9e_configure_after phpbb/textformatter/s9e/factory.php configurator 3.2.0-a1 Modify the s9e\TextFormatter configurator after the default settings are set
core.text_formatter_s9e_configure_before phpbb/textformatter/s9e/factory.php configurator 3.2.0-a1 Modify the s9e\TextFormatter configurator before the default settings are set
core.text_formatter_s9e_parse_after phpbb/textformatter/s9e/parser.php parser, xml 3.2.0-a1 Modify a parsed text in its XML form
core.text_formatter_s9e_parse_before phpbb/textformatter/s9e/parser.php parser, text 3.2.0-a1 Modify a text before it is parsed
core.text_formatter_s9e_parser_setup phpbb/textformatter/s9e/parser.php parser 3.2.0-a1 Configure the parser service
core.text_formatter_s9e_render_after phpbb/textformatter/s9e/renderer.php html, renderer 3.2.0-a1 Modify a rendered text
core.text_formatter_s9e_render_before phpbb/textformatter/s9e/renderer.php renderer, xml 3.2.0-a1 Modify a parsed text before it is rendered
core.text_formatter_s9e_renderer_setup phpbb/textformatter/s9e/renderer.php renderer 3.2.0-a1 Configure the renderer service
core.ucp_pm_compose_compose_pm_basic_info_query_before includes/ucp/ucp_pm_compose.php action, delete, msg_id, preview, reply_to_all, sql, submit, to_group_id, to_user_id 3.1.0-RC5 Alter sql query to get message for user to write the PM
core.ucp_pm_compose_quotepost_query_after includes/ucp/ucp_pm_compose.php action, delete, msg_id, post, preview, reply_to_all, sql, submit, to_group_id, to_user_id 3.1.0-RC5 Get the result of querying for the post to be quoted in the pm message
core.ucp_pm_view_folder_get_pm_from_sql includes/ucp/ucp_pm_viewfolder.php sql_ary, sql_limit, sql_start 3.1.11-RC1 Modify SQL before it is executed
core.ucp_pm_view_folder_get_pm_from_template includes/ucp/ucp_pm_viewfolder.php base_url, folder, folder_id, pm_count, start, template_vars, user_id 3.1.11-RC1 Modify template variables before they are assigned
core.ucp_profile_avatar_sql includes/ucp/ucp_profile.php result 3.1.11-RC1 Trigger events on successfull avatar change
core.ucp_profile_modify_signature includes/ucp/ucp_profile.php enable_bbcode, enable_smilies, enable_urls, error, preview, signature, submit 3.1.10-RC1 Modify user signature on editing profile in UCP
core.ucp_register_requests_after includes/ucp/ucp_register.php agreed, change_lang, coppa, submit, user_lang 3.1.11-RC1 Add UCP register data before they are assigned to the template or submitted
core.ucp_remind_modify_select_sql includes/ucp/ucp_remind.php email, sql_array, username 3.1.11-RC1 Change SQL query for fetching user data
core.user_unban includes/functions_user.php mode, user_ids_ary 3.1.11-RC1 Use this event to perform actions after the unban has been performed
core.viewforum_modify_topics_data viewforum.php forum_id, rowset, topic_list, total_topic_count 3.1.0-b3 Modify topics data before we display the viewforum page
core.viewtopic_highlight_modify viewtopic.php highlight, highlight_match, start, topic_data, total_posts, viewtopic_url 3.1.11-RC1 Event to modify highlight.

Template Events

Identifier Prosilver Placement (If applicable) Added in Release Explanation
mcp_forum_actions_after mcp_forum.html 3.1.11-RC1 Add some information after actions fieldset
mcp_forum_actions_append mcp_forum.html 3.1.11-RC1 Add additional options to actions select
mcp_forum_actions_before mcp_forum.html 3.1.11-RC1 Add some information before actions fieldset
memberlist_team_username_append memberlist_team.html 3.1.11-RC1 Append information to username of team member
memberlist_team_username_prepend memberlist_team.html 3.1.11-RC1 Add information before team user username
overall_header_searchbox_after overall_header.html 3.1.11-RC1 Add content after the search box in the header
ucp_main_front_user_activity_append ucp_main_front.html 3.1.11-RC1 Add content after last user activity info viewing UCP front page
ucp_main_front_user_activity_prepend ucp_main_front.html 3.1.11-RC1 Add content before first user activity info viewing UCP front page
ucp_pm_viewmessage_options_before ucp_pm_viewmessage.html 3.1.11-RC1 Add content right before display options
ucp_register_buttons_before ucp_register.html 3.1.11-RC1 Add content before buttons in registration form.

ACP Template Events

Identifier Placement Added in Release Explanation
acp_ext_details_end acp_ext_details.html 3.1.11-RC1 Add more detailed information on extension after the available information.
acp_ext_list_disabled_title_after acp_ext_list.html 3.1.11-RC1 Add text after disabled extensions section title.
acp_ext_list_enabled_title_after acp_ext_list.html 3.1.11-RC1 Add text after enabled extensions section title.
acp_help_phpbb_stats_after acp_help_phpbb.html 3.2.0-RC2 Add content after send statistics tile
acp_help_phpbb_stats_before acp_help_phpbb.html 3.2.0-RC2 Add content before send statistics tile
acp_profile_step_one_lang_after acp_profile.html 3.1.11-RC1 Add extra lang specific options to custom profile field step one configuration in the ACP