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PhpBB4/Messaging Component

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This might need to be split into multiple components

Generic Messaging Service

Allows sending messages / notifications via any of the available protocols. Should also allow sending with multiple protocols. This should be used whenever a user is informed about any process within phpBB. Based on the user's settings or selections the notification will be send with the prefered protocol.

interface MessagingInterface

Concrete Protocol Services

interface MessagingProtocolInterface


Sends a regular private message on the board.


Sends an e-mail to the recipient's address.

Could use Swiftmailer, Zend_Mail or ezcMail.


Sends a message via XMPP. Are there good external XMPP libraries? Shall we write our own (and contribute it to a framework)?

Perhaps: Posting

One could add a service that creates posts in a forum on the board. This might make sense for notifications about moderation activities.


Low priority

Implementation of IRC for notifications of specified events to a channel for things such as moderation notices or announcements, or as a private message for things like subscription notifications (like XMPP).

Possibly have a list of IRC accounts setup by administrators, then when setting up a notification event the user can select the account that will be used to notify them (allowing for different servers or login requirements for IRC accounts).