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Permissions Removed in 3.1

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After looking through the permissions available in phpBB Olympus (3.0), it was determined that there were several that were either not used at all or that did not make sense to include. These permissions have been removed for phpBB Ascraeus (3.1). Below is a list of the permissions that were removed.

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Permissions removed, with rationale:

  • u_pm_delete - "Can remove private messages from own folder" - First of all, a user can only view his/her own folder, so why the specific language? Anyway, It makes sense to restrict creating PMs, but not to restrict deleting them. What happens when a user's folders get full and they cannot delete any PMs?
  • u_pm_printpm - "Can print private messages" - First of all, you cannot restrict printing something; you can only restrict viewing the printer-friendly version. As there is nothing that could be done maliciously by viewing the printer-friendly page, this permission makes no sense.
  • f_print - "Can print topics" - Same with printing PMs. This permission makes no sense.
  • f_subscribe - "Can subscribe forum" - There is not benefit in restricting users from subscribing to a forum.
  • u_pm_emailpm - "Can e-mail private messages" - This permission is not being used. NOTE: There is a ticket for adding the functionality for this permission.
  • u_pm_forward - "Can forward private messages" - "Seems rather silly" (u_pm_forward) - NOTE: Instead, forwarding is now attached to u_sendpm ("Can send private messages")
  • u_pm_download - "Can download files in private messages" - If a message is sent with attachments, the point is for the recipient to be able to download them. It does not make sense to restrict this. NOTE: This permission was removed but falls back on u_download instead.
  • u_savedrafts - "Can save drafts" - If you can post/send PM, you can save a draft (u_savedrafts) - NOTE: Instead of this permission, it now checks for (f_post || f_reply) in posting.php (u_sendpm || u_pm_reply) in pm-related files.
  • a_jabber - "Can alter jabber settings" - a_jabber merged with a_server - NOTE: a_server covers all communication settings.